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Vision Club - Single Flowtoys - Grip

Vision Club - Single Flowtoys - Grip

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The flowtoys vision club was developed with the juggler's experience as the top priority. Using one of the world's most popular juggling clubs - the pirouette - as the model for its shape and balance, the vision club feels amazing and is only 15g heavier than a pirouette.

The handle is slightly more flexible and forgiving than wood, but far stiffer than other plastic shafts. It feels completely solid and durable. As with all flowtoys, they come with a lifetime warranty and all parts are user-serviceable, including the battery.

The vision club contains the most advanced lighting technology flowtoys has developed to date, with many beautiful adjustable modes, accelerometer response, wireless control, brightness adjust and more, and has 2-4 hour runtime in most modes.

Many of our private beta testers have made this their primary club, even when the sun is out :)

The set comes w/ a free 6-bay charger worth $20.

The capsule might be used as remote controller for other devices, if paired.

Lifetime warranty!!!

If your V2 products stop working, you have lifetime warranty and you pay only shipping costs.

If you obviously crashed the product or put it into wet place, you pay 50% of the price of the product.

New software 2019 and more important features:

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