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Steel wool poi hub

Steel wool poi hub

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Steel wool poi hub is a revolutionary tool for attaching steel wool.

Steel wool is one of the biggest fire effects used in fireshows.

Now you can use a great product for your work and save time and pollution with this product.


You break the steel wave in the middle

Play half of it and put it in the hub.

Tighten the locking screws.

You ignite the lower part of the steel wool

After burning, just loosen the screws and you can easily remove the wool.

Our tests:

Steel waves

Steel wave 0000: The largest number of small sparks and the most massive effect, which is most powerful in the first seconds of spinning, the length of the largest effect 3 seconds the length of the small effect for another 20 seconds.

Steel Wave 000: A large number of medium sparks and Which is powerful for the first 5 seconds and then the effect decreases, the length of the effect max 25 seconds. Large effect length 7 seconds Small effect length 10 seconds.

Steel wool 00: Smaller amount of large bright sparks with longer range. This effect is good to see even in more light than other steel waves. The effect is gaseous and the size of the effect gradually decreases, especially the density of sparks. Effect duration max 30 seconds.

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