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Juggling Club Pirouette T Henrys

Juggling Club Pirouette T Henrys

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The most popular juggling club in Europe for a long long time.

The Pirouette Club from Henry's is the premier choice for serious club jugglers. Crafted to the highest standards by Henry's in Germany, this club features a solid ash dowel core, meticulously examined to ensure exceptional quality. Each club is then finished with a durable wrapped handle, body, and secure knobs and ends.

Designed for numbers juggling, the Pirouette Club excels in fast spins due to its optimized weight and shape. It features a slightly 'rounder' knob compared to other Henry's clubs, offering an elegant silhouette and perfect balance. This superb combination makes the Pirouette a favorite among jugglers and ensures it will remain a top choice for years to come.

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