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CONTACT POI 90 mm Play

CONTACT POI 90 mm Play

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Introducing the most popular practice poi in the world.
If you are looking for practice poi this poi is the best choice.

Contact poi 90mm are the most popular practice contact poi. They are great for a wide range of tricks.

Contact poi 90mm have very similar parameters and feel to standard-sized fire poi. They are great for a wide range of tricks, from fast spinning to slow manipulation and tosses.

CONTACT POI, featuring a 90mm STAGE BALL weighing 180g. Designed for precision in poi swinging, it excels in isolations, throws, and body rolling. The SILICONE grip, with its 40mm diameter, provides exceptional control and serves perfectly as a counterweight during throws. The 6mm diameter, 50cm long string is adjustable—simply pull out from the knob, tie a knot, and trim excess for a custom fit.

Each set includes vibrant colored strings that match the balls and knobs, enhancing visual impact. Available in 7 colors plus Glow in the Dark; Yellow, Orange, Pink, and Green colors are UV reactive.



    • Diameter: 4 cm
    • Material: Silicone
    • Hole: 6 mm and 10 mm
    • Weight: 32 g (6mm hole) 30 g (10 mm hole)
    • UV reactive: Yellow, Orange, Pink, Green, Phospho
    • Diameter: 3,4 cm (34 mm)
    • Material: Thermoplastic rubber
    • Weight: 10 g (6mm hole)
    • Hole: 6mm
    • The round shape and the great grip provided by these knobs make them a recommended choice for any poi if you are not sure which knob to choose.
    • Hole: 6mm
    • UV reactive: Yellow, Orange, Pink, Green, Phospho


  • Diameter: 90 mm Matt surface
  • Weight: 180 g


  • Diameter: 6 mm, 10 mm
  • Length: 60 cm (adjustable)

Price per pair.

CONTACT POIs are crafted with 39mm silicone PKS knobs, ensuring perfect balance and grip during throws. The updated production features 48-strand polyester ropes—round, flexible, and durable—available in both 6mm and 10mm diameters. The colors are vivid, with the Glow in the Dark version impressively luminescent under sufficient light exposure. Fluorescent options (yellow, orange, green, and fuchsia) glow brightly under UV light, adding a stunning visual dimension to your performances.

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