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Monkey fist fire poi

Monkey fist fire poi

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Monkey Fists are the most sought-after burners. Most poi enthusiasts today prefer a poi head in the shape of a ball. From a physics standpoint, it's no wonder—this universal shape is ideal for the vast majority of tricks. Additionally, these fists are made from 100% Kevlar, including the core of the burners. This ensures the best use of the burner for fuel absorption while significantly extending the lifespan. Most manufacturers of monkey fists use outdated techniques, weaving the fist onto wooden or even metal cores. You won’t find anything like that in these poi. Here, 99% of the volume of the monkey fist is used for fuel absorption. Monkey fists are the best choice for technical jugglers, those who enjoy tossing poi, and generally for anyone who loves precise and perfectly controllable poi.

An advantage of monkey fists is the use of minimal metal parts and an integrated roller directly in the fist, which is the only metal part protruding from the burner. Thanks to new technology and the use of the highest quality Kevlar, the lifespan of these fists is very good—150-200 ignitions. Another plus is the long burning time with a consistent flame size, and leaving a long fiery trail for the first 2 minutes of burning.

Product photos are for illustrative purposes only. The poi will be delivered in a basic setup: poi + twisted welded stainless steel chain + two-finger handles.

Velikosti hořáků (orientační):
Size Burning time Weight of 1 head


6 cm 4 min 55 g Suchá cca 100 g Mokrá 6/10
7 cm 6 min 110 g cca 150 g 9/10
8 cm 9 min 140 g cca 180 g


9 cm 10 min cca 240 g cca 280 g












Technical Specifications:

  • Burners: 100% Kevlar K1
  • Burner size: 6-9 cm
  • Chain: Welded Steel
  • Chain length: Adjustable
  • Handles: Optional

Price is for a pair. Note: Size tolerance of 0.5 cm

Pozn.: Tolerance velikostí 0,5 cm

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