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Juggle Dream

Wick Cover (Obal Na Hořáky ) Juggle Dream - Malý Do 75 mm

Wick Cover (Obal Na Hořáky ) Juggle Dream - Malý Do 75 mm

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Wick Covers are perfect for fire performers of all types, making it easy to transport your fire props without spreading paraffin mess and helping to contain unpleasant odors. These covers feature a simple yet effective drawstring for easy use.

The Large variation measures 130mm x 65mm, making it ideal for larger props like long staffs, poi, larger torches, and devil sticks. These covers are a great solution for performers looking for a convenient way to keep their props clean and odor-free during transport.

Made of durable, heat-resistant materials, these wick covers are a must-have for any fire performer's toolkit. They are perfect for keeping your larger props safe and clean on the go.

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