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Kevlar Wick

Kevlar Wick

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High-Quality Kevlar Strap with Versatile Uses, Especially for Fireshow Cylindrical Burners on Staffs or Poi.

  • Kevlar has excellent resistance to high temperatures, retaining its strength and flexibility even at cryogenic temperatures (-196°C); it actually becomes stronger at lower temperatures. At high temperatures, tensile strength is reduced by only 10-20%. For example, at 160°C, a 10% reduction in strength only occurs after 500 hours. At 260°C, a 50% reduction in strength occurs after 70 hours. Kevlar withstands high temperatures up to 450°C. Above this temperature, the outer fibers begin to carbonize. With short-term thermal stress and proper heat dissipation and layering, Kevlar can withstand temperatures twice as high.
  • Sunlight: Kevlar degrades under ultraviolet radiation (in sunlight), so it is not advisable to leave Kevlar exposed to direct sunlight without protection.

How to Extend Kevlar's Lifespan:

  1. Store Kevlar in dark places.
  2. Protect it from contamination; solid particles can heat above 450°C during burning and degrade Kevlar more quickly.
  3. Never use first-class flammables for burning. Only use lamp oil, kerosene, DSP, etc.
  4. Extinguish burners before all the fuel is burned out.

Price and Length: The stated price is per meter. For example, if you order 6 units, you will receive a continuous 6-meter strap. Need a length other than a meter? If you want a different length, enter the number of units closest to your desired length and specify the exact length in the order note. If paying in advance, add 1 meter of the strap to your cart and increase the total amount by the extra length cost, e.g., for 20 cm (+ 20% of the price per meter). Alternatively, we will contact you regarding your order.

Heat Resistance: Withstands temperatures up to 450°C (842°F)

Durability: High resistance to wear and tear

Color: Natural Kevlar yellow

Usage: Suitable for poi, staff, and custom fire props

Fuel Compatibility: Recommended for use with lamp oil or paraffin

Safety Note: Inspect for wear before each use and store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Price per meter, If you order 10m you will get 10m in one piece.

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