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Fire Whip (Ohnivý Bič) Gora 150 cm

Fire Whip (Ohnivý Bič) Gora 150 cm

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The Gora Fire Whip is expertly crafted from five different sizes of 100% Kevlar braided ropes, plus a replaceable cracker. The design ensures a smooth diameter transition for optimal performance. The long aluminum handle is covered with heatproof silicone and includes a silicone heat shield for added hand protection.

The whip's root is stiff, gradually thinning for ease of use and improved visual effect. Gora offers two sizes: a long whip measuring 2.7 m plus a 0.4 m cracker, and a shorter version for double use, measuring 1.5 m plus a 0.4 m cracker.

Recommendations for Use:

  • Avoid practicing with the Fire Whip as dry cracking can fatigue the Kevlar and reduce its lifespan.
  • No need to fill the root of the whip with fuel; it produces a large flame anyway and filling it can hurt your hand and damage the heat shield.
  • Do not dip the fall as it won't enhance the effect and will reduce the whip's lifespan.
  • Never put the whip down while it's burning, as surfaces like concrete, stone, or metal can heat up and damage the Kevlar.
  • Avoid using benzine or white gas; these fuels are too dangerous and will damage your whip.
  • Always carefully inspect the whip before lighting it. Serious damage can cause parts to fly off and potentially injure the audience.
  • Never hit the ground with the Fire Whip to prevent damage.
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