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Fire sword - Gora

Fire sword - Gora

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The Fire Sword and the Flying Fire Sword from Gora are very similar, with the main difference being the handle design. The Flying Fire Sword is ideal for spins, making it great for dancing and swinging. In contrast, the Fire Sword is better suited for powerful moves, from a stall to fast motion, and for quick, precise stops.

Flying Fire Sword

The newer faster fire sword for special tricks.

The Flying Fire Sword is an advanced fire sword designed for throwing and sword-on-sword techniques (devilstick moves). Its construction features a 15x1 mm 7075 duralumin tube, which is thicker and more stable than a fiberglass rod, reducing vibration and weight. The ergonomic handle is covered with a soft, spongy grip, and a silicone shield protects your hand from the flames. The knob is crafted by Henry's for added precision.

An optional connector allows you to join two swords together, creating a dual-bladed weapon similar to Darth Maul's. While the connection is secure and reliable, it can affect the weight balance. The Flying Sword weighs 324 g, and the connection adds 105 g.

Usage Tips:

  • Avoid keeping the swords pointing downwards for extended periods.
  • Keep paraffin away from the silicone disc and grip.

Fire Sword

The original Gora Fire Sword, created in 2003

The Fire Sword is ideal for dancing, swinging moves, and staged fights. It’s also suitable for throwing tricks, though for specialized throwing, we recommend the Flying Sword. The Fire Sword features a 10 mm fiberglass rod core, with handles starting with a 40 mm wooden ball knob and covered in a soft, spongy EPDM tube grip. A silicone disc provides additional protection from the flames.

The tip is wrapped with a 25 mm reinforced Kevlar wick, which is easier to repair

if damaged. An optional magnetic connector allows you to join two Fire Swords, transforming them into a large staff for dramatic performances. The connector is easy to attach and detach, but heavy swings may cause it to release.

The Fire Sword weighs 355 g, and a pair with the magnetic connection weighs 750 g.

Usage Tips:

  • Take cooling breaks to prevent damage to the fiberglass.
  • Avoid striking each other; use the swords for dancing, throwing, or staged combat.
  • Do not keep the swords pointing downwards for too long.
  • Do not place the burning sword on the ground.
  • Use low-heat fuels like paraffin, lamp oil, or barbecue oil. Avoid white spirit or benzene.

Feel the force and stay safe in your performance!

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