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Acro Staff Gora

Acro Staff Gora

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Elevate your acrobatic skills with the Acro Staff, designed for a seamless blend of contact staff techniques and parkour moves. This non-fire staff is your ultimate tool for dynamic and exciting performances.

Materials and Dimensions:

  • Material: Premium carbon fiber composite
  • Size: 26 mm diameter, 2.5 mm wall thickness

Key Features:

  • Balanced Steel Weights: Positioned at both ends for perfect balance.
  • Durable Rubber Knobs: Provide excellent ground grip, protect the staff from abrasion, and keep your practice space safe.
  • Special Steppoint: Located near the end for enhanced parkour moves.
  • Clear Balance Point Marking: Makes it easy to find the weight middle point.

Grip Options:

  1. SuperGrip©:
    • Feel: Soft, spongy underlayer with a sticky, dotted overlayer.
    • Benefits: Outstanding hold even when wet, gentle on sensitive skin.
  2. Hemp Fiber Grip:
    • Eco-Friendly: Durable, natural touch, and superior sweat absorption.
    • Trade-Offs: Slightly less sticky and less soft compared to SuperGrip©.

Additional Features:

  • Optional Flowers: Attach these to slow down the staff's rolling movement. They are easily removable and reattachable.

Why You'll Love It:

  • Strong and Flexible: Crafted from high-quality carbon fiber, the Acro Staff is designed to endure all your acrobatic adventures.
  • Safe and Protective: Rubber knobs ensure a great grip and protect both your staff and the floor.
  • Superior Grip: Whether you choose SuperGrip© or the eco-friendly hemp grip, you’ll enjoy a secure hold for all your tricks.
  • Versatile Fun: Perfect for a range of movements from contact staff routines to parkour stunts.
  • Eco-Friendly Option: Choose the hemp grip for a sustainable, planet-friendly alternative.

Perfect For:

  • Acrobatic performers
  • Contact staff enthusiasts
  • Parkour practitioners
  • Eco-conscious individuals

Get your Acro Staff today and take your performance to the next level with unbeatable grip, balance, and eco-friendly options!

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