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Lightup and juggle

Led S-Staff S Staff Buugeng Fibre Optic Lightup And Juggle

Led S-Staff S Staff Buugeng Fibre Optic Lightup And Juggle

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Pair of LED Light S-Staves

Introducing our latest Light Up S-Staves, also known as Buugeng. Available in two versions:

1. Standard LED Light S-Staves

These 32" S-Staves, made from durable polycarbonate with a 1" diameter tube, are equipped with lights at each end. They can be easily split in the middle for convenient travel. The standard model features bright LEDs and comes in 13 ultra-bright neon colors. The staff is designed for finger-spinning and manipulation, measuring 81 cm (32") from tip to tip and 20 cm (8") wide. Each staff weighs 295 g.

The LED units are simple to operate with a twist-on/twist-off mechanism. Note: The units come with plastic spacers between the batteries to prevent discharge. Remove these spacers before use and keep them to prolong battery life. Each LED unit uses 3 x L1142 batteries, included with the staff. Expect a bright glow for approximately 3 to 5 hours before the LEDs begin to fade. Additional batteries are available for purchase on our website.

2. LED Light S-Staves with Fiber Optic Core

This premium version features a fiber optic core for enhanced brightness and visual effects. Similar in design and functionality to the standard model, this upgrade provides a brighter and more vibrant display. Choose from 13 ultra-bright neon colors for the LED lights. The staff's specifications are the same as the standard model, including the 81 cm (32") length, 20 cm (8") width, and 295 g weight.

The fiber optic core model offers the same easy-to-use features with a twist-on/twist-off LED unit and includes plastic spacers between the batteries. Battery life is approximately 3 to 5 hours of bright glow. Additional batteries can be purchased separately.

Price per pair.

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