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Fire whip

Fire whip

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Fire whips create very large fire balls when cracked. These fire balls will travel in the direction of the whip flow. Forward cracks are therefore the only safe cracks to perform. Never let any inexperienced user or trainee whip cracker use a fire whip. This fire prop is for sale to over 18s only.

This is a quality fire whip made almost entirely from quality para-aramid (Kevlar) fibres in our Brighton workshop. This fire whip has a stepped taper ensuring excellent handling. The padded aluminum handle has a fibre glass core for added strength and a silicone heat shield. Due to the length of the rigid handle (52 cm / 23.6") our fire whip handles a bit more like a stock whip and is surprisingly easy to achieve a good crack.

This whip comes supplied with two plaited falls and three crackers (poppers). This is a quality fire prop but extra care should be taken not to drag the whip on rough surfaces as this will seriously reduce the whip's lifespan.

Eye protection is essential - safety information is provided with this item. Please do not use this prop until you have read and understood the risks involved and accepted the Firetoys terms and conditions.

Price per piece.

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