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Carbon Tube 0-20mm

Carbon Tube 0-20mm

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Extremely high-quality, precise, smoothly polished carbon tube in a 3K 100% carbon design. The carbon tube is not only in demand for its design but is also extremely resistant to bending due to its very low weight.

We sell tubes in various lengths. For interested parties, we can cut carbon tubes into multiple sections, for example, for cheaper and safer transport. Appearance: Diagonally laid fibers with a design pattern of 3K fabric.

The tube has an exact outer diameter, which, thanks to its precision, can be inserted into a larger tube, for example, a 8mm tube into a 10mm tube. However, the clearance is so small that the tubes can only be inserted into each other for a few centimeters. If you plan to use these joints, we also have diameters such as 7.9mm available, and it's possible to easily sand the diameter down by a tenth of a millimeter using sandpaper. Carbon tubes are very easy to work with, and it's because of the ease of working with this material that carbon tubes are highly popular.

Manufacturing Technology of Carbon Tubes: These tubes are not made with ordinary and cheap pultrusion technology, where the fibers are only in the longitudinal direction or just for surface design. The tubes are manufactured with the most demanding technology by layering fabric in multiple layers in various directions and then hardening the matrix in a vacuum oven. As a result, the tubes are not only beautifully designed but also truly high-quality. Our tubes are among the highest quality carbon tubes. They have passed all tests with flying colors, including those for the construction of unmanned military aircraft for some NATO countries. The quality of these tubes is guaranteed by the carbon fabric, which is laid at least in three different angles along the entire length of the tube. So, the fibers in the tube are truly in at least 6 different directions. Thanks to these processes, the tubes have up to triple the resistance in all directions compared to commonly available carbon tubes.

Working with the Tube: You only need a regular metal saw to cut, and for smoothing, you can use sandpaper or wet sandpaper. Tubes can be drilled with regular drills, but we recommend the highest possible speeds and slow feeds.

Dimensions and Precision: Carbon tubes fit precisely into each other. Carbon tubes are therefore suitable for telescopic systems. Tubes can be easily reinforced, or carbon tubes can be used as couplings.

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