Palivo Coleman Fuel (Benzín) 1L

Palivo Coleman Fuel (Benzín) 1L

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Coleman Fuel - Special Clean Catalytic Gasoline

Coleman Fuel is a very clean white gas that has flammable vapors. It is widely used for flame and vapor tricks.

Special clean catalytic gasoline by Coleman is suitable for all fuel products.

Coleman Fuel is a very clean white gasoline that has flammable vapors. This gasoline is widely used for various flame and vapor tricks. Coleman Fuel is free from additives and is a highly refined product. As a result, it does not leave soot, and the flame is smokeless and odorless. The liquid itself has almost no odor.


  • Flame Tricks: Coleman Fuel is suitable for flame tricks, where it leaves a trail of flame on the body.
  • Vaper Tricks: This gasoline is ideal for vaper tricks, where a special fakir stick can be used to inhale only the vapors, which burn when slowly exhaled from the mouth.


  • Volume: 1 liter
  • Dimensions (⌀ x H): 9 x 26.5 cm
  • Weight: 1.058 kg

Detailed Information: The Coleman® Liquid Fuel will safely power a variety of devices in the outdoors, including all of Coleman’s dual fuel stoves and lanterns. This high-performance liquid fuel contains a mix of petroleum naphtha with an added rust inhibitor, formulated and manufactured solely by Coleman.

It contains none of the additives found in gasoline that cause reduced dirt build-up, ensuring the device operates more reliably for longer. Also known as white gas or camping fuel, this liquid fuel is ideal for camping in winter or at high altitudes. Unlike butane and propane, its output doesn’t falter as temperatures drop.

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