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Kris Holm

T-Bar universal handle - Kris Holm

T-Bar universal handle - Kris Holm

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More and more unicyclists ride with a unicycle-specific handlebar. The trend to bigger wheel-diameters but also the range of use for handlebars becoming wider are the reson. From Road over Cross-Country up to Downhill. The Universal T-Bar is a parts kit that allow you to assemble the  T-Bar either for distance or for muni riding. It is adjustable in height and length. The bar-ends are comfortable and their angle is adjustable.

  • thanks to the narrow, single shaft, your legs will never interferes with pedalling
  • extendable up to 30 cm (muni) or 40 cm (distance)
  • 12 or 15,5 cm wide, 30° bend (on distance-version)
  • Bar-Ends (adjustable in the angle, according to your preference and usage)
  • a brake lever can be positioned between the bar ends or along the handle shaft.
  • For road riders, using an extended T-bar handle reduces front saddle pressure and provides a comfortable, bike-like riding stance.
  • The Distance-assembly is for longer handle extensions and less technical riding, the Muni-type assembly is typically shorter and near the saddle (w/o front grip) for more technical riding.
  • delivered with bar-ends and reinforcement plate for Fusion saddles
  • compatible with Fusion One

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