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Scimitar Juggling Knife - Mr. Babache

Scimitar Juggling Knife - Mr. Babache

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The Mr Babache scimitar shaped juggling knife features an aluminium blade instead of the classic stainless steel variety, has a black padded handle and black EVA knobs. It has been designed to be the same weight and balance as a normal juggling club, specifically modelling itself on the Mr Babache Flip club. This makes it great for using in conjunction with other clubs and for numbers juggling (previously very hard with heavy knives). As with all juggling knives, these props appear to be sharp and dangerous but the blade is in fact blunt. Caution should nevertheless be exercised as the point of the blade is still relatively dangerous which is why we recommend juggling knives to advanced users only.


Weight: 205 g

Blade thickness: 2,0 mm

Total length: 55 cm (blade 31,5 cm, handle: 2335 cm)

Balance point: 28,5 cm from tip

Price per 1 piece.

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