Lycopodium cone Torch Firelovers

Lycopodium cone Torch Firelovers

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Original Professional Lycopodium Cone Torch designed for the best effect.

🔥 Elevate Your Showmanship with Our Premium Torch 🔥

Welcome to the world of professional fire performance with our exquisite Professional Lycopodium Cone Torch which we discoverd 10 years ago. Crafted for discerning artists. This torch promises unparalleled visual effects that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

🌟 Enhance Your Performances and Captivate Your Audience! 🌟

Spectacular Fire Effects:
Create awe-inspiring fireball displays with ease. Simply spray lycopodium powder onto the flame for a mesmerizing visual effect, making it the perfect finale for your performances.

Key Features:
Burning time: 2-3 min
Weight: 265g
Length with Fat container: 40cm
Length with Slim container: 45cm
Handle Diameter: 2cm
Handle Length: 15cm
Wick Length: 5cm
Fat cone diameter: 9cm
Slim cone diameter: 7,5cm
Handle: X-grip
Handle color: Black or red
Material: Stainless steel, Kevlar
Kevlar: 50/3 40cm

You can choose either the slim container or the fat container. The volume of both containers is the same. Each Lycotorch holds approximately 180g of lycopodium when filled to capacity. The only difference is in the design, so you can choose whichever you prefer. 

How It Works:
As you spin the torch outward, the centrifugal force releases the fine powder onto the flame, producing a stunning fireball effect that will captivate your audience.

Easy to Use:
Fill the torch with lycopodium powder (not included) using a small funnel. Soak the burner without fully submerging it. Dampen the kevlar by spraying fuel onto it, and you're ready to go. Keep the torch upright until performance time to prevent any powder spillage.
The torch's lifespan is up to 250 ignitions; however, after 150 ignitions, the flame diminishes in size, and the burning time is approximately half that of a new one. After 100 ignitions, we recommend replacing the Kevlar.

Safety First:
While delivering unmatched visual effects, safety is our top priority. Maintain a safe distance of at least 7 meters between yourself and your audience during performances.
 Lycopodium only ignites when dispersed in the air and burns very quickly. Nothing or only small remnants of cold powder will fall to the ground.

Order your Professional Lycopodium Cone Torch today and set the stage ablaze with unforgettable fire effects. Ideal for professional fire artists seeking excellence in their craft.
Lycopodium is the powder that we also sell. Despite its incredibly impressive effects, Lycopodium is very safe.
The price for one piece.

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