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Fire contact juggling ball - Firelovers

Fire contact juggling ball - Firelovers

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Fire contact balls, also known as fire contact juggling balls, represent a mesmerizing fusion of skill, artistry, and spectacle. These captivating props have been enchanting audiences and performers alike for decades, offering a unique blend of elegance and danger that sets them apart in the world of fire manipulation.

Fire contact ball was developed by a group of enthusiasts over 5 years. The best contact jugglers in the world were involved in the development process. The leading tester was the contact juggler Rendolf.

The weight of the fireball is between regular practice stage balls and acrylic contact balls. Some jugglers like to use these contact balls to practice their new tricks.

This ball can be used without gloves. It is recommended to use fuels with low burning temperature or low flame intensity. We recommend initially wetting or spraying a larger part of the ball with water and applying fuel drops, for example, in a single line around the ball's center. It may seem like there is not enough fuel, but for the effect of making it look like the entire ball is burning, it's completely sufficient.

Fuels with a low flame temperature is Ethanol, fire performer fuels, aquaflame, Isopropyl, 2-Propanol (Isopropyl Alcohol) 80%, and mixes of these fuels with water.

Technical specifications:
Burn time: up to 3 minutes
Material: 100 kevlar

80 mm - 190g
90 mm - 240g
100 mm - 320g
110 mm - 400g
120 mm - 530g

We highly recommend using a larger diameter than you're accustomed to. A larger diameter means the flame is further away from the skin. It's also easier to balance a larger diameter on the body. A larger diameter also creates a bigger flame and impress more the audience.
If you're used to using a 100mm ball, don't hesitate to use a 110mm fire ball. This is recommended by professional contact jugglers who have experiences with fire contact balls.

Just reminder: For the first use avoid using lamp oil or anything other than alcohol at 70% - 80%, as it can get way too hot and you might end up with some unintended burns! Also, it's a good idea to wear a long-sleeve cotton shirt unless you're saying goodbye to your arm hair. Safety first, folks!

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