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Juggle Dream

Fire Flowerstick - Juggle Dream

Fire Flowerstick - Juggle Dream

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Very light fiery flowerstick, which is clearly visible at night. This flowerstick took inspiration from the two most popular fire flowerstick - Gora and Firetoys. Since everyone took it well and combined it into one. This flowerstick is very easy to use and is for good price.

The flowerstick core is made of fiberglass which can withstand rough handling. We do not recommend kicking to height, but standard kicks are no problem.

Grip is from a yellow-green silicone hose. This silicone has a slightly less grip, than classic silicone, so silicone must be often degreased to increase grip.

The ends are thermally insulated and the fringes are far enough away from the burners. Do not let the flowerstick burn without moving. It would be unnecessary to damage the fringe and overheat the silicone grip.

The flowerstick vibration is slight, which is the exception for fire flowers. Catching from high heights with this flowerstick will be cinch, thanks to good visibility and minimal rebound from the wand. A 13 mm diameter is not an difficulty to manipulation and spinning tricks. The only thing to say is the worse quality of silicone grip.

Length: 70 cm
Weight: 300 g
Body Diameter: 10 mm (8 mm rod , 2 mm silicone)
Burners Dimensions: 25 mm X 55 mm (height X diameter )

Price per piece.

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