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G-funk - Yoyofactory

G-funk - Yoyofactory

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G-funk is a new yoyo based on the older super-popular Super G. Compared to the Super G, the yoyo has a slightly smaller diameter and therefore the smaller weight is suitable for the advanced yoyers who can use these features and make quicker tricks than with most other yoyos.

This yoyo is in the professional yoyos line sure to be one of the best on quick tricks.


  • Determined: Advanced
  • Material: metal (aluminum)
  • Shape: butterfly
  • Returning yoya: using bindu
  • Weight: 67.8 g
  • Width: 39.74 mm
  • Diameter: 50.1 mm
  • Gap (center): 4,9 / Fixed mm
  • Bearing: C size
  • Return System: Pady (narrow)
  • Axle: 25mm (M4)

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