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Practice spinning staff - Firelovers

Practice spinning staff - Firelovers

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These perfect practice staffs are great for everyone: beginners, profesionals, kids and those who like or are interested in double staff twirling!

As they can't be lit-up, it makes them perfect for practice and indoor use (eg: schools, juggling clubs) and they are generally much cleaner than fire staffs.

These contact practice staffs are designed for the practice of contact moves as well as normal staff twirling.
To give the staff a good amount of momentum it has been fitted with large rubber ends that concentrate the weight at the extremities of the staff as well as protecting it from hard impacts.

In all the juggling equipment that we manufacture we always try and find the very best material available. After an extensive research we have found a high quality, holographic decoration which protects and shows off the staff as it picks up and reflects any source of light!

To finish off the staff a professional Non-slip, shock-absorbing handle has been placed in the center of the staff that is comfortable, helps to reduces vibrations and has good grip!

Practice Staff Specs:
Length: 100 cm
Weight: 500 g - 700 g

Price per piece.

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