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Míček Sil-X Implosion 78 mm 150 G Play - Čirá

Míček Sil-X Implosion 78 mm 150 G Play - Čirá

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Fantastic evolution of our most famous SIL-X, the IMPLOSION has already conquered the hearts of thousands of jugglers around the world. The transparent rotary moulded shell, even softer and more elastic than classic SIL-X shell, shows the special LIQUID SILICONE and its stabilizing action that makes it so easy to control. The colored versions are all beautifully UV REACTIVE.

Sil-X balls are partially filled with liquid silicon. The liquid centre gives the ball a nice weight and a low centre of gravity making arm/body rolls and stalls easier than standard stage balls.

The Implosion has a transparent shell which leaves the UV active (except blue) contents clearly visible, creating a unique and interesting effect when moving.

Foot and neck stalls and head balances are also facilitated by the stability of these balls.

The plug on these balls is fairly discreet and the seam markings are minimal making them reasonable balls to practise isolations but by no means a substitute for an acrylic ball.

The 78mm Sil X's are a great middle ground; they are big enough to be good for body rolling and small enough to be used as stable juggling balls.

The SilX ball still has a little bit of squish to it, making catches nice and comfortable.

Warning: If stored incorrectly these balls can become misshapen.

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78 mm
150 g

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