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Fire ropes profi - "Hammers" - Firelovers

Fire ropes profi - "Hammers" - Firelovers

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Profi variant fiery ropes.

Due to the shape and strict appearance earned him the nickname hammer.

Rope burns over the entire length, so there is a very interesting effect when you spin, juggler disappear in the club flames.

Ropes are on the bottom of the burners 50 mm high with a diameter of 4-5 cm.

Thanks to the lower part of optimally loaded, and in addition captures excess lamp oil even during rotation.

You have the assurance that the ropes once extinguished before the end of your output.

These ropes have a great advantage in the shorter version of S & M controlled more easily than some poi.

Controllability is excellent in all sizes.

Photography of the products are illustrative. We'll send you your poi in basic set: poi + twisted welded stainless steel chain + handles. If you would like another components, please write it to the order note. Another components can change the price.

- Burners: Rope 25mm
- Burners length: 20-50cm
- Chain: Welwed steel
- Chain length: Adjustable
- Loops: two fingers
- Fire time: 1,5-2 minutes

Lifetime is about 200 - 300 lightings.

Price per pair.

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