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Flow Wand (Levi Stick) - Holographic - Flowtoys

Flow Wand (Levi Stick) - Holographic - Flowtoys

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Flow-wand: The original levitation stick designed specifically for flowing and dancing (rather than magic), our flow-wand is often imitated, but never duplicated!

Length: 26'' (66 cm)
Diameter: 3'' / 8'' (10 mm)
Weight: 70 g

Details: This enchanting toy will get your body flowing and amaze your friends. Great for people beginning to get into the flow arts and movement play, but also with enough complexity to take things to the next level.

While the flow-wand does not run on batteries or illuminate itself, the silver holographic finish creates a burst of rainbow colors under any light. There is a durable string attached near the middle of the wand that connects to one finger on one hand. The magic is in your movement.

Options: You can order extra end caps, silicone bands, and extra string (18 feet) for long string wand technique, or in case you need to replace your string for some reason (we typically use 39" for regular wand technique). The string provided is a very strong ice-fishing line. You can also order our finger holds with swivels - these come with 18' of extra string. Click here for video instructions on how to string your wand.

Price per piece.

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