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Juggle Dream

Flow wand (levi stick) Juggle Dream

Flow wand (levi stick) Juggle Dream

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The Juggle Dream Levistick, also known as a floating cane or flow wand, is basically a stick attached to the players hand by an invisible thread. The stick is weighted to remain vertical and with a little practise the player can combine simple moves and miss-direction with the free hand to create the illusion that the stick is floating around their body.

The Juggle Dream Levistick is constructed from 8 mm glass fibre protected with clear plastic end caps and covered in silver holographic tape. The invisible nylon cord is 33,5 cm long and is attached to a soft clear nylon ring via a small bearing swivel. This allows complex moves, and even double stick moves, to be done without twisting the cord.

Levisticks are fairly easy to pick up and make a great introduction to the world of spinning/flow/juggling. Even relatively basic moves combined with dance can impress an audience.

Length - 66 cm
Weight - 67 g
Colour - Holographic silver.

Price per piece.

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