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LED Taibolo

LED Taibolo

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This is the new light-weight light-up diabolo from Taibolo!

Unlike other LED diabolos the Light-up Tiabolo has been designed specificly for use with the Taibolo lights, rather than adding weight/kits to an existing design. The result is a tough, well balanced, standard weight diabolo.
Without a doubt the best LED diabolo on the market!
Pushing the button at the ends changes the LED from flashing to still.
The LED Diabolo comes in a wide range of colours and four different LED colour options.

Weight: 275 g (+/- 5 g, with light kit fitted!)
Diameter: 130 mm
Width: 146 mm

Comes with batteries included. The LED kit on the LED Taibolo works with 2 x CR2032 Battery each side so you will need a pack of 4 batteries if need to replace them. Replacement batteries can be bought here: Pack of 4 x CR2032 batteries

To add handsticks to your order please scroll down and choose from the range below. Alternatively, have a look at the full range of diabolo handsticks.

Price per piece.

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