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Yoyo Magic N12

Yoyo Magic N12

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The Magic YoYo N12 is the latest in the excellent range of yo-yos by Magic Yo-yo. Once again this is a really great value unresponsive metal yo-yo with a smooth bead blasted finish designed for advanced play. Binds required.

Make: MagicYoyo
Model: N12 “Shark Honor“
Play Style: String Trick (1A, 3A, 5A)
Material: Durable Aluminium 6061
Weight: 67.58 g
Diameter: 55 mm
Width: 44 mm
Gap width: 4,62 mm (approx)
Response: Recessed Magic YoYo Blue Silicone Pads diameter 20 mm, width 2,7 mm. These are the same size as those in Yoyorecreation yo-yos. Would accept Yoyofactory Large K-Pads (Size: 14-19). Could be siliconed with flowable silicone or Arexons Motorsil.
Bearing: Size C stainless steel 10-ball concave bearing. A top quality bearing that will not need upgrading!
Axle: M5 * 10.00 mm New!
Finish: Bead blasted colour anodised and laser engraved.
Age: 14 years +
Other: Sold in original packaging with one yo-yo string. Black cloth pull-string yo-yo bag now included! We recommend you buy some spare yo-yo strings.

These are advanced unresponsive yo-yos. Binding skills are required. Not for sale to children under 14 years old.

The 10 ball bearing is quiet and gives a long spin time which greatly enhances the performance of these yo-yos. We are impressed with the stability and smoothness of all the Magic Yo-yos range. They have little or no perceptible vibe in the models we tried. We feel the Magic Yoyo range are very good quality, playable and affordable yo-yos. Highly recommended for anyone on a limited budget wanting to try a high performance all-metal unresponsive yo-yo, or for anyone wanting to add more yo-yos to their collection. They are also ideal for modding with your favourite bearings and response to suit your preferences. The anodised finish is very even. Don't be put off by the budget price, these yo-yos are VERY good!

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