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Indy 20" Trainer Unicycle

Indy 20" Trainer Unicycle

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Indy 20" Trainer Unicycle

Discover the perfect unicycle for both beginners and experienced riders with the Indy 20" Trainer Unicycle. This super-strong unicycle offers exceptional value and durability, making it an excellent choice for children and adults alike. Its robust design is ideal for workshops and mastering basic tricks.

The Indy 20" Trainer features a quick-release seat bolt and a non-slip stem, allowing for quick and easy height adjustments, making it suitable for multiple riders. The seat comes equipped with a color-matching grab handle, perfect for bunny hops and other tricks.

With its 20-inch size, this unicycle strikes the perfect balance between maneuverability and speed, offering a smoother ride compared to the smaller Indy 16-inch model. It’s finished in a striking powder-coated red paint, ensuring both style and durability.


Inside Leg Measurement:
Maximum - 77 cm (30.1")
Minimum - 67 cm (26.4")

*For shorter riders, you can easily adjust the height by hacksawing a few inches off the bottom of the seat pillar.

Perfect as a first unicycle, the Indy 20" Trainer offers a fantastic combination of strength, adjustability, and affordability. See all products from Indy

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