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Juggle Dream

Top Hat Juggle Dream

Top Hat Juggle Dream

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It is totally symmetrical and made from three layers of wool, keeping the hat heavy enough for throws, rolls, spins and tumbles as well as making them very hard wearing. These hats are excellent quality and can stand up to lots of drops and general juggling use & abuse.

Although arguably slightly more difficult for certain tricks where the hat rolls end over end (E.G Back tumbles), they are actually easier for some others (E.G Arm rolls) and the top hat gives a very different look which can better suit some characters and costumes.

Please note that these hats are all hand made so sizing may vary slightly from hat to hat.
To find your size, measure around your head (just above your ears) with space for 2 finger tips inside the tape.

Often purchased in sets of 3 to more for advanced hat jugglers, but sold here individually.

Price per piece.

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