N11Yoyo - Magicyoyo

N11Yoyo - Magicyoyo

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New yoyo N11 from Magicyoyo.

Created with modern special technology, this yoyo is ideal for professional yoyers, especially for 1A, 3A, and 5A styles.

1A yoyo is used to show string tricks.

3A involves using two yoyos for string tricks.

5A involves a weight at the end of the string, so the string is not attached to the finger. This style is also called freehand.

The yoyo returns with silicone stickers (pads) that can be easily replaced. It features a top ten-ball stainless steel bearing (commonly used with 8 balls), so the sleep time is extremely long, up to nearly 2 minutes. The yoyo also has a special load ring that can be easily removed to achieve a lighter yoyo, suitable for world competitions and showcasing the fastest series of tricks.

Technical details:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 64.7 g
  • Width: 42 mm
  • Diameter: 54 mm
  • Gap: 4.62 mm
  • Bearing: Concave (in shape)
  • Size Bearing: Type C (12.70 mm * 6.30 mm * 4.72 mm)
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