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N6 Magistrate Yoyo - Magicyoyo

N6 Magistrate Yoyo - Magicyoyo

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Yoyo Magistrate is an excellent yoyo with a long sleep time (more than one minute). The yoyo has an original shape, which is popular among many yoyo enthusiasts. Due to its massive increase in projection period, the sleep time is extended. The yoyo returns only through a bind, allowing for professional-level tricks.

- Material: Aluminum
- Weight: 66.5 g
- Width: 41.3 mm
- Diameter: 51.3 mm
- Gap: 4.72 mm
- Bearing: Concave (U-shape)
- Bearing sizes: Type C (12.70 mm * 6.30 mm * 4.72 mm)

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