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Viper NEO Henry's

Viper NEO Henry's

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The Henrys Viper Neo is an updated version of the classic Viper design. Featuring a wider bearing and a more pronounced butterfly shape, this yo-yo is ideal for advanced 1A and 3A play. It is completely unresponsive, requiring bind techniques, and includes 'gecko' silicone response pads embedded in the anodized aluminium hubs. The Viper Neo is equipped with a very fast bearing and high-quality rubber cups that maintain their shape. As with all Henrys yo-yos, the Neo exemplifies top-tier performance.

Shape: XL Butterfly
Response System: Recessed Silicone 'Gecko' Pads
Axle Type: Size D Bearing
Player Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Style: 1A / 3A
Brand: Henrys
Width: 43 mm
Diameter: 66 mm
Weight: 65 g
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